Nick Messitte

Writer / Composer / Lyricist / Engineer / Producer / Sound Designer / Multi-instrumentalist

A compendium of all things Nick Messitte

Concerning the Man


"Nick is one of those guys who sold his soul to the devil at a very young age, and in exchange he's been given exceptional gifts as a writer, composer, and performer. I truly don't think he's himself unless he's doing one of these things." 

- Charles Czarnecki, Jersey Boys 


"Nick Messitte is an incredibly talented composer, writer and engineer - with a traditional background and education and utterly untraditional approach, I can always count on him to take the creative left turn when everyone else is turning right."

- Asher Rapkin, Digital Marketing at NBC, MTV and Current TV




Concerning the Work

"THIS is how you mofo'n review a record" - Ahmir "Questlove" Khalib Thompson on twitter, remarking on Nick Messitte's review of ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin for (available here).


"New York writer Nick Messitte has put together a show which grabs the audience even before they get into the venue." - Broadway Baby on Get Got, Messitte's musical. 


"Nick brings a musician's ear to his engineering work, and this might be my favorite part about working with him on ESE's recording projects. He not only grasps what we're looking to bring out in the mix but can interpret the band's very limited sound vocabulary, guide us on options and pull off great results. We are more in our element onstage than in the studio, so Nick steps in as our spirit guide, our gadget whisperer and virtually a fourth member of the band." - Chris Steele on Messitte's mixing.




"It's a powerhouse of a modern musical...there's no jazz hands, and I loved it anyway!" - Thos Ribbits, host of Musical Talk, on Get Got, Messitte's musical.   





"Get Got is hugely impressive and wonderfully original, dissecting our perverse fascination with fame and exposing its repulsive underbelly...this show is exceptionally poignant." - West End Wilma on Get Got, Messitte's musical.